Weather Balloon Captures Video Of Airbus Zipping By At 38,000 Feet

June 13, 2017


Note: Keep your volume low, plane is loud.

This is a video of a high-altitude weather balloon floating above Newark, New York (not Jersey) capturing video of an Airbus A319 en route from Boston to Detroit while cruising above the clouds at 38,000 feet. Me? I prefer cruising right at 2 feet. Did you know the average air temperature at 38,000 feet is below -60°F (-51°C)? For reference, that's colder than a witch's tits. And I should know. You see this? "What happened to your lips?!" Frostbite. Kiss them to make them warmer she said, you won't regret it she said. "And do you?" Not really, no. It reminds me of our time together, I just can't drink out of a glass without pouring chocolate milk all over myself.

Keep going for the video, but remember to check your volume.

Thanks to n0nentity, who once knew a witch who would use her ungodly cold nips to freeze the vault doors at banks then rob them blind. Coincidence: she was also blind.

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