Under Warranty: Tesla Owner Hears Kitten Stuck In Bumper, Has Removed By Service Technician

June 20, 2017


What the -- you're not Ceiling Cat.

These are two videos posted by Youtuber S U. The first is a video of him discovering there's a kitten that somehow climbed and is now stuck in his rear bumper (he speculates the cat entered through a hole in the wheel wheel for the shock absorber). The second video is a Tesla service technician removing said cat from the bumper. One of the other Tesla technicians is adopting the cat, which they named Tessie. Happy endings! The end of the movie I just watched? Not so happy. "What was it?" A home movie of my uncle falling off his roof.

Keep going for the videos while I speculate if driving around with a cat stuck somewhere in the rear of your car is a good idea.

Thanks to Brad, who's not convinced this guy didn't make these videos to pick up chicks because he owns a Tesla and is an animal lover.

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