The Breakfast Bowl: A Clear Glass Cereal Bowl With An Integrated Waterpipe Beneath

June 8, 2017


This is the $89 Breakfast bowl, a clear 2-cup borisilicate glass cereal bowl with a functional waterpipe below. Some more information while I drain the left half of the kitchen sink, which my roommate has been trying to establish as a permanent gravity bong.

The Breakfast Bowl Pipe is expertly hand crafted with superior borosilicate glass. The eating bowl has a 2 cup volume to satisfy the biggest appetites. The downstem and mouthpiece connect directly to form an inner chamber for the smoke. You'll love our standard vibrant blue bowl piece, but it can be used with any 18mm piece. Our 9" bent tube mouthpiece is an impressive weight to round off the ultimate experience.

The unique design of the Breakfast Bowl Pipe allows whatever is in the bowl to assist with the cooling of the smoke that comes through the inner chamber.

In case it wasn't clear, the smoke doesn't actually filter through your milk and cereal, it's completely contained in the waterpipe below. So that's a relief. Also, that my doctor called with my test results and that thing on my penis was just a piece of toilet paper.

Keep going for one more shot of somebody trying to trick their mom into thinking their pipe is some sort of fruit punch filled produce bowl.


Thanks to Stephanie B, who agrees anything can be a smoking pipe if you try hard and believe in yourself and don't mind noxious fumes.

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