Surprisingly Impressive Remix Created Using Samples From 'The Fifth Element'

June 14, 2017


This is 'The Fifth Element Remix' a remix created by the folks at Youtube channel Eclectic Method (previously: a bunch of their other remixes) using samples from The Fifth Element. I don't even like dancing but I just called the closest club to see what time they open tonight. "And?" 8PM, which is unfortunately past my bedtime. Well, technically my past my pass out on the living room floor time, but whatever. Like a hobo once told me when we were train hopping together, "Where you lay your head is bed." Then we checked each other for fleas and ticks and ate dog food out of a can. He told me it was beans & weenies, but I saw him peel the label off when he thought I was sleeping.

Keep going for the video while I listen to it again and shake my ass so hard dingleberries go flying.

Thanks to Cal, who tried to tell me he's the Sixth Element and needs to borrow some money to save the planet.

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