Smart Thinking: Kid Turns His Apartment Balcony Into Makeshift Swimming Pool

June 22, 2017


This is a shot of some intrepid young adventurer who decided to turn his apartment balcony into a pool, presumably with his help of his parents, which makes it all that more terrifying. Some Redditors estimated there's approximately 5,000 pounds of water already on the balcony. Is that safe? I can't imagine that's safe. Regardless, I am going to need a ride to Home Depot to pick up some tarps this afternoon. Then to Kinkos to print out the flyers for my pool party.

Thanks to Julia, who agrees units with balcony pools should definitely rent for more money.

  • CanadianTicTac

    150 IQ play, he is the next Steve Jobs.

  • Asa

    despite what people are saying, its EXTRA not safe because, at least in the USA, balconies are not designed for 100psf (recommended by ASCE 7) of imposed load (called live load) unless you are being conservative. they are designed for "same as occupancy served" (IBC), which, for a hotel or apartment, would be 40 for private rooms and rooms serving them. that's ± 7" (18cm) of water.

    dead load is the weight of materials of construction (the concrete or whatnot), and is added separately.

  • cane wiliamsane

    i believe that he is one of those stupid persons that makes foolish things fuck them

  • Adam Caulfield

    Not smart. The balcony was not designed to hold the weight of that much water!

  • Anyone who thinks this is "smart thinking" needs to be beaten about the head! The structural integrity of the balcony was never designed for that kind of weight, especially weight in motion like water tends to be. Structurally the balcony, *if it doesn't snap off under that weight, is compromised until someone tears it down & builds a new one.

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  • Tom

    This is literally a textbook example of how to collapse a balcony, in part because it's a relatively easy calculation, but mainly because idiots keep on doing it.

  • The_Wretched

    That's a few thousand pounds of water (ballpark numbers). I hope he's looking for a one-off water slide.

  • Meh

    Great idea if you want to die. Not to be stereotypical but he looks Chinese, most Chinese products are NOT up to standards, if he loads the balcony too heavily he's dead.

  • Meh

    You stole my name Meh ;)

  • JZ

    Really? cuz he looks of Latino descent to me... lol

  • paperboy

    Really because he looks Inuit to me.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Darwin award in the making (since killing your offsprings count)

  • Chris Buchheit

    Balconies are usually designed to support about 100 lbs /sqft. Which is about 1.5 ft deep of water. This kid is lucky the balcony was overbuilt.

  • Paul Bisanti

    IT IS NOT SAFE! Precast slabs for balconies are designed to hold 100lbs per square foot of dead load. The density of water per cubic foot is 62.4 lbs, meaning if the water reaches 1'7-1/4" it is EXCEEDING the design capacity of that balcony.

  • TheQiwiMan

    ...I'm just gunna leave this link here.....

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