Smart Thinking: Flight Delayed After Passenger Throws Handful Of Coins In Engine 'To Pray For Safety'

June 29, 2017


Because what's an airplane if not a flying wishing well, a China Southern Airlines flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou was delayed more than five hours after an 80-year old passenger threw a handful of coins into one of the plane's engines prior to boarding 'to pray for safety'. Amazing. No word if she also poured salt in the fuel tank.

Police apprehended the passenger, and the maintenance crew conducted a thorough sweep of the plane's engine just to make sure it wouldn't burst into a million little pieces mid-flight. Somehow, the airline managed to convince everyone onboard they weren't going to die, and sent the flight on its way a little before 6 PM--more than five hours after its scheduled departure. It touched down in Guangzhou at about 8:30 PM.

People: they're full of great ideas. Like before I go on a road trip I like to loosen my wheel bolts and brake line so they don't have as much strain on them during the long tip. *tapping head* I'm a thinker. "How are you not dead?" I also cut my safety belt out to make suspenders.

Thanks to Keith, who always rips his rearview mirror off for good luck.

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