Road Trip!: Brooklyn Bar's Fancy 'Beer ATM'

June 9, 2017


This is a video highlighting the 'Beer ATM' at Brooklyn's Randolph Beer. The beer wall has 24 craft beer taps, and works like this: you give the bartender a credit card (preferably a friend's), and they give you card that's read by the computer above the taps to keep track of how much you've drank (the taps dispense either 1 ounce, for tasting, or 12 ounces, for guzzling). When you're finished you return the card to the bartender, who then charges your friend's credit card (thanks, Greg!). Simple as that. You know I've actually seen bars with the tap-card operation before, but never on such a grand scale. Usually it was just a standard beer or two so bartenders didn't have to waste time pouring pitchers of Stella. Even those were fancy bars though, I like my bars divey. I prefer my bar experience the same way I prefer my chicken meat: dark, and with the very real possibility of getting stabbed with a knife at any moment.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who promised me a drink the next time I'm in the area, which I have every intention of collecting. It sucks the Rat closed.

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