Real Products That Exist: The Tabletop Sushi Ferris Wheel

June 14, 2017


Seen here blowing the roof off the minds of two child-clowns, this is the Sushi Ferris Wheel from Japanese toy manufacturer Takara Tomy and available for around $88. It's powered by two AA batteries and spins your sushi around and around until you engage the ramp and the next plate of sushi comes speeding down the track. I assume it's an at-home take on sushi conveyor belts? But, unlike sushi restaurants with conveyor belts, if you're making sushi at home, aren't you going to eat it all? There is no picking and choosing, you should finish everything. Or you know what happens? "Your mom says you don't get dessert." Exactly, and then what happens? "You throw a temper-tantrum." Then? "Get sent to your room." Then? "Try to sneak out the window." And after that? "Get caught by your dad." And what does he do? "Waits till Saturday morning when you just want to eat cereal and watch cartoons then ties a rope around your waist and makes you jog behind the ride-on lawnmower while he cuts the grass." Exac-- wait, what? Is that why you're all green?

Keep going for a couple more shots and the exact kind of commercial you'd expect for a Japanese sushi ferris wheel.


Thanks to Hazel, who's holding out for a sushi tilt-a-whirl that just launches sushi in every direction and makes your cat happy.

  • Jassie Coupaire

    Both of you are morons.

  • Jenness

    $88 for this?!? Yeah, no - plus do people really do Sushi at home - that's as lot of work

  • FearlessFarris

    What flavor of botulism will yooooooou get?

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