Rare Footage Of 200-Ton Blue Whales Feeding On Krill

June 1, 2017


This is some drone footage captured by researchers from Oregon State University of blue whales feeding on krill. While their feeding habits have been understood for some time, footage of the process has been rare prior to drone cameras, presumably because blue whales, like me, don't like being watched while they eat. Crazy fascinating stuff about a blue whale's mouth:

These mouths stretch far down the animals' bodies in blubbery extensions that allow them to ingest their weight in water and fish.

"It's equivalent to if you could shove your hand into your mouth and under the skin right down to your belly button," Robert Shadwick, a zoologist from the University of British Colombia, told the BBC when describing how the creature feeds. "A sort of pouch under the skin, which balloons out enormously -- almost into a spherical bubble."

This process of opening their mouths takes a lot of energy -- since the mouth acts as a sort of parachute. So whales have to be picky about what particular schools of krill are worth the effort.

Man, I wish I could shove my hand into my mouth and under the skin right down to my belly button. Then there's no way the circus side-show could deny me employment. But nooooo, the most I can get into my mouth is only three fingers like this *pukes everywhere* Hey I've been looking for that sword!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees its not polite to study someone's eating habits unless they've already given you permission.

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