Popping A Giant, Six-Foot Water-Filled Balloon On Top Of Yourself In Super Slow-Motion

June 8, 2017


Seen here looking like a man who doesn't know where his body is under that balloon and is afraid he's about to stab himself in the kidney, this is a video of Slow-Mo Guys Gavin and the other one popping a giant six-foot water balloon on top of one of them while laying on a trampoline, shot in 1,000 frames-per-second slow motion. How he was even able to breathe under the weight of that thing is beyond me, because sometimes when my dog lays on my chest I'm all, 'Stop, I can't breathe' and then she shoots me this 'WTF, I'm only 12 pounds' look and then I feel bad because I don't want to give her a body image complex so I let her stay even though I know every breath I take is shallower and less oxygenated than the last until I start hallucinating. It's kind of a game we play.

Keep going for the video, but skip to 5:45 for the real action, and the follow-up shots immediately after that are worthwhile too. You really get to see all that water pouring into his mouth.

Thanks to n0entity, who planned on doing the same thing with his roommate's waterbed before realizing his roommate's water bed is disgusting.

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