Pizza Flavored Ice Cream Served On A Slice Of Pizza

June 26, 2017


The Frankford Ave. Taco consists of a scoop of pizza flavored ice cream, served on a hot slice of pizza. The pizza on pizza mashup is a collaboration between Little Baby's Ice Cream shop in Philadelphia, and their next door neighbor, Pizza Brain. The ice cream is also available served in a regular sugar cone for people who aren't feeling that adventurous, like if you happened to bring your parents. I could probably convince my mom to try a bite of pizza ice cream, but not on top of a slice of pizza. That's just too much for some people. One time I stuffed a Choco Taco inside a Taco Bell chalupa, and all my friends were too afraid to try it so I had to eat it myself. "How did that work out for you?" I had the runs for three days. "So...amazing?" I can't wait to try it again with more hot sauce.

Keep going for a couple shots of people showing off their pizzas, as well as one of a guy actually eating his.




Thanks to MSA, who agrees the best pizza slices are the ones the size of your head.

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