Oscar Meyer Expands Wiener Vehicle Fleet With Wienermini, Wienerrover, Wienercycle And Wienerdrone

June 27, 2017


To celebrate a change to producing all their hotdogs with a new, artificial preservative-free recipe (oh God what have I been eating?), Oscar Meyer is adding four new vehicles to it's Wienermobile fleet to help get the word out and deliver dogs. The new additions include the Wienermini, a Wienermobile built on a Mini Cooper, the Wienerrover, a smaller R/C Wienermobile, the Weinercycle, a motorcycle with sidecar, and the Wienerdrone, a flying wiener delivery vehicle. Obviously, I plan on having my photo taken in front of all of them, with the caption "#1 Wiener Lover". If anyone deserves the title, it's me -- I used to eat two cold dogs straight from the package for breakfast every morning. Then the rest of the package for lunch, followed by beans and weenies for dinner. At least until my doctor told me they were going to kill me. "When was that?" He hasn't yet, I've been avoiding him.

Keep going for a video of the new Wiener vehicles in action.

Thanks to Clark, who dreams of one day jumping the original Wienermobile over a pile of burning tires in my annual Neighborhood Stunt Spectacular.

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