Oh Wow: The Wizard Of Oz With All Dialogue Words Played In Alphabetical Order

June 1, 2017


"WARNING: This film contains extremely fast editing, flashes of light, abrupt changes in image and sound."

This is 'Of Oz the Wizard', the entirety of The Wizard of Oz edited so every individual word of dialogue is played in alphabetical order. If that doesn't make sense because I suck at explaining things, just watch a couple seconds of the video and you'll have it. And, based on that warning, you might also have a seizure, so consider that before hitting play. I didn't have a seizure, but I do have a headache now and my eyes are crossed. Slap me on the back so I get stuck like this? "I'm not touching you." Then use a broomstick like all my teachers in Catholic school.

Keep going for the whole movie.

Thanks to Kevin, who mentioned he might be having a quarter-life crisis, which, if he lives his life anything like I do, means he's 10.

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