Oh Snap!: Local Reporter Gets Roasted By Kid Buying Fireworks

June 29, 2017


This is a short video of a Fox 5 reporter asking a boy what kind of fireworks are the best when the kid turns on him with a, "Wouldn't you like to know, weatherboy." I'm not sure how long Under Armour had been standing there preparing for his moment to shine, but my guess is several minutes. Also, I've got the feeling there's a Fox 5 news reporter out there right now hoping a certain somebody has a little fireworks mishap this 4th of July.

Keep going for the video, complete with a value-add laugh by the guy filming his TV at the very end.

Thanks to Jack, who agrees this kid must be a legend at middle school now.

  • Ed Hopkins

    This is staged and also a really dumb idea. Why teach children (and childish adults) that this is a cool way to act toward reporters? Are you trying to make your job harder from now on?

  • TampaxXXlarge


  • ShortyinCL

    Already been outed as a fake. Too good to be true.

  • JJtoob

    That looks totally scripted, but I still laughed at his serious delivery.

  • Perpetual Pizza

    The Edgelord has spoken...


    no wonder why the fucking world its going to shit, fucking kids have no respect for anyone this day and the worse is that assholes laugh at the bullshit like the dumbass that post the video did, but thats exactly were we stand, this fuck up world because you can be a parent with balls and teach your kid better and idiots being presidents because they became rich stepping in everyone around fuck this world won't be missed

  • Secret Squirrel

    It's the Weather Guy's Son


    another one?? shiiiiitttt

  • Chino Pisces

    That's one long ass run-on sentence, my uneducated friend.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    judging by the comment, i think he rage-drunkenly stumbled in from the hell-on-earth that is the Wall Street Journal online comments section


    go fuck yourself kiddo hows that ?? my super educated bitch

  • Megatron Jenkins

    Wow, someone's on the rag


    another cocksucker one more day in america

  • Zeus360

    Another Cocksucker. One more day in America.


    and then one more fagg thanks for proving my point, i dont understand how if they cant reproduce theres is more of them every day

  • Chino Pisces

    I knew I should have pulled out when I fucked your mother.


    thats the best you got kiddo ?? go play angry birds and stop being a faggot go look for a boyfriend somewhere else and stop whinning like a bitch

  • Chino Pisces

    Tell her she left her panties here again.

  • Chino Pisces

    If only your mother wasn't such a fucking whore, she would have never have shat you into existence, you punk bitch.


    this is just sad you win kid.. you win

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