Nope: Plane Shakes Like Washing Machine After Engine Failure

June 27, 2017

This is a short video from inside the cabin of an AirAsia flight from Perth, Australia to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after one of the engines lost a turbine blade and the plane began to shake like a washing machine. The pilot decided to turn around and return to Perth, where he successfully landed the 359 passenger flight. I'm genuinely surprised and impressed how calm everybody is in the video. I feel like it would have been pandaemonium. People screaming, everybody pushing the stewardess call button to try to get a refund on the movie they just rented, or threatening to sue if they die. And the kid sitting behind me still kicking the back of my seat as hard as he can.

Keep going for a couple videos of the shaking. Also, apparently the pilot told passengers to pray for a safe return multiple times during the flight, which would have sent me out of an emergency exit with my carry-on as a parachute.

Thanks to Mike C, who would have climbed out on the wing and fixed that engine because he's MacGyver times ten.

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