Move Over, Fidget Spinners: Wooden Fidget Stick 'Skill Toys'

June 9, 2017

This is a video demonstration of a bunch of Kwisters showing off their most impressive stunts with Kwist 'fidget sticks'. Kwists are pieces of rubber-tipped cherry wood cut into a special cylindrical shape that "allow it to turn, jump and twist in many different ways while retaining a surprising amount of kinetic energy." Kwist is just one of many brands of fidget stick toy though -- everybody's jumping on the bandwagon hoping to monopolize on the next trend. I don't know, this looks like it's way more frustrating and stressful than relaxing to me. Although, compared to fidget spinners, you do get the added benefit of making a lot more noise at your desk while attempting a triple axel during 5th period English. Whatever, detention is cool, I learned a lot more there than reading Lord Of The Flies anyways.

Keep going for three minutes of exhilarating Kwister action.

Thanks to Jodie, who's going to start selling fidget spinners and fidget sticks out of an ice cream truck and make an after school fortune.

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