Mattel Introduces Five New Ken Dolls, Each With Three Different Body Types

June 21, 2017


This is Mattel's new 'Fashionista' line of Ken dolls (including man-bun Ken, far left). Each of the five new dolls comes in three different body types: broad, slim, and original, even though they all still look identical. Me? I have broad shoulders from carrying the world on my back. Or maybe from being a swimmer half my life. Or maybe it's just genetics, I don't know -- I rarely stop to think about things because I'm afraid of what I'll realize. The dolls cost around $10 apiece, with outfit packs going for $5. Alternatively, do what I used to do and make your own clothes for your dolls. Plus pop their heads off and put them on different bodies. I'm just saying, I did have a Titties Ken doll growing up.

Keep going for a closeup of man-bun Ken's man-bun, because it existed.


Thanks to Lyndsey, hairless and Sara, who are holding out for a line of ninja and pirate Kens.

  • dlb

    ...wheres the black?

  • Rinny

    No offense but I only see skinny and average builds.

  • Kitty

    Why do they all look like they have eyeliner on?

  • Baruj

    Because they have it.

  • Comp Fox

    But where is the normal body type ? I`m speaking the 250 pound version in shorts, like most people in the streets ?

  • MostlyPonies
  • Jenness

    They all look like crap - where is the suit Ken, you know the Ken that looks like he doesn't live off his parents like a sponge. I blame Feminazis - why don't they just make the gender fluid Ken with detachable penis who with a flick of a button goes into the fetal position and cries hysterically about how sorry he was for being born a male. I hate these things and no wonder so many kids are going nuts - when they are being told biology and science and their instinctual wants and needs are wrong and they are evil for having them.

  • Deksam

    So true! It is like the dolls now know they have no nutz.

  • TheQiwiMan
  • jrose

    I only see two body types: the mesomorphic, probably gay Ken, and the ectomorphic, definitely gay Ken.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Ken has no male friends and is always impeccably dressed. I don't think there was ever a straight Ken.

  • don satow

    OK, now little girls can create your own boy band.

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