Man Steals Backhoe, Drives It Five Miles To Try To Tear Into An ATM, Fails

June 8, 2017


This is some surveillance footage from a Bank Of America in Prince George's County, Maryland, (PG County represent! Just kidding, I lived in MoCo) of a man who stole a backhoe, drive it five miles to this location, and attempted to rip open an ATM with the machine. According to police, the ATM was too heavily armored to break into, and the man fled the scene without any money. They're also still looking for the suspect, so if any of your neighbors have a backhoe parked in their yard with pieces of an ATM in the bucket, you might want to notify the police. Presumably for a reward. Actually, just give me their address and I'll call.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Anthony S, who agrees if you're going to try to break into an ATM, use an army of trained insects like not an idiot.

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