Intense First Person View Of A Guy Plowing Down The World's Largest Parkour Course

June 8, 2017


This is a first person view captured by parkourer Calen Chan (who held a GoPro in his mouth without accidentally choking on it like I would have) plowing down the Skyladder Parkour Course (the world's largest) at Tianman Mountain in China. The course, temporarily constructed for an upcoming competition, was built on top of 999 existing steps and has an average slope of 45-degrees. That is way too steep. For reference, I would have rolled both my ankles and compound fractured both shins in the first twenty seconds. I'd beg someone to kill me, but they wouldn't, they'll just stand around taking pictures until the paramedics arrived, at which point I'd refuse medical treatment because I only believe in the healing power of positive thinking. "I can see the bones." Shhhhhhhh! It's hard to think positive with you running your mouth all the time.

Keep going for a couple shots of the course and the video.




Thanks to Michael, who agrees the key to winning a time-challenge parkour run is not noticing or slowing down when your bones break taking the biggest jumps you can.

  • MoonshineGFT

    If this really ia a designated parkour course, why in the frick are there so many people lounging about ON THE COURSE? I was hoping he'd knee a few of them on the way down.

  • Seth

    Pretty sure that was just a q-bert reenactment. Man I wish I could get those three minutes back.

  • Kale BlackFlash Johnson

    what a disappointment. I was waiting for flips and shit.

  • palpable ovaltine

    Completion comes with a coupon for half off your next knee surgery.

  • GeneralDisorder

    It's in China so surgery is already inexpensive.

  • FearlessFarris

    And high quality!

  • Jeremy Tilton

    It's like falling off a very tall and jagged log...

  • WhiteEagle2

    Not to say I could do this better, because I couldn't, but a lot of what he did seemed like what I would do with no experience to get down from a tall box. I was expecting a lot more fancy rolls and shit.

  • AtomicAcorn

    From the frequently asked questions and answers post by the channel on the vid.
    "4: Why didn't you do flips??
    For those of you who are new to this, Parkour is the practice of overcoming obstacles in one's path using the human body to get from point A to point B as efficiently and/or as quickly as possible. Freerunning is an extension to Parkour that is not about how effectively you get through an environment, but how creatively. Freerunning has all the shnazzy flips and twists you're thinking about, and if you watch my other videos, you'll see that I do a lot more Freerunning than I do Parkour. ;) This is a Parkour POV run, and even if adding Freerunning would be cool, it would make it so much more exhausting and I wouldn't be able to run the full thing."

  • WhiteEagle2

    I was thinking fancy, practical rolls. Not just flips for a the sake of flips.

  • Draco Basileus

    My damn knees are hurting just from watching that.

    PS - Good thing they dubbed the music over the video to mask all of the "get the hell out of the way!" screaming.

  • Meh

    My dream has been realized. Real life Mirrors edge stuff.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    wow, what a stunning location

  • The_Wretched

    Maybe they should clear the course of the bystanders? And - down's not enough, you have to parkour your way back up too.

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