I Taste A Party!: Edible Bubble-Blowing Solution You Can Mix With Alcohol

June 21, 2017


BubbleLick is a non-toxic, edible bubble-blowing solution you can mix with your favorite beverage to create bubbles that taste way better than the regular soapy ones we've both been eating our entire lives.

Perfect for birthday, parties, wedding & all events, fun for kids, adults and even your pets

The only bubbles for all occasions, imagine orange juice, vodka, cognac, rum, Gatorade bubbles

Promote learning, creativity, interaction and experimentation by testing different beverages

You can pick up a six-pack of BubbleLick solution for around $13 on Amazon. Or don't, having fun is entirely up to you. Obviously, this is the section of Willy Wonka's factory I'm most interested in visiting.

Thanks to lizzy, who eats bubble bath bubbles by the handful. Me? I use them to give myself a wizard beard.

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