Holding The Universe In Your Hand: 'Galaxy Flowers' Look Like They're Covered In Stars

June 13, 2017


These are several shots of 'galaxy flowers' (aka Night Sky Petunias), flowers with petals that look like they're covered in stars and galaxies (especially if you choose just the right Instagram filter). They're not uncommon, and you can buy packs of seeds online, although they say to produce the most dramatic looking blooms you need "to keep them warm in the day (around 100° F) and cool at night (about 50°F)." That is quite the temperature fluctuation. So they hang out in a greenhouse during the day and in my basement with the A/C on at night? That sounds like a lot of work. How about I just plant them outside and see what happens? I can't wait to pick a bouquet of galaxies. I could stare at these things for hours. I feel funny inside, did you just get me high? What was in those brownies you left out on the counter marked 'DO NOT EAT'? "Baby laxatives." Soooo.... "That funny feeling was you pooping your pants." It feels different than how I remember as a kid. "Don't act like you don't do it all the time." I'LL ACT HOWEVER I WANT TO, MOM.

Keep going for a handful more shots.












Thanks to Robert W, who agrees there's nothing more romantic than presenting your significant other with a handful of hand-picked galaxies. Or a freaky new sex toy.

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