Guy Spends Five Years Landing All These Crazy Scooter Tricks, Making This Video

June 27, 2017

This is a five minute compilation of hardcore scooterer Ryan Williams performing his most daring tricks. Apparently the video was five years in the making, because that's how long it took Ryan to learn and perfect all these moves. There are all sorts of flips, rotations, barrel rolls -- you name it. It almost made want to get into extreme scootering myself, before my mom reminded me that I've already broken my arm twice and the doctor said the next time he'll have to amputate it after-hours because "this isn't proof of insurance, it's an old Blockbuster card" and "I'm only doing this because you're a friend of the family." Full disclosure: Not his family -- just the family that promised not to sue after he almost killed them all reading their charts upside-down.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Percy, who agrees this man's dedication to scootering is a testament to the human spirit.

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