Guy Recreates Super Mario Bros Level 1-1 As Augmented Reality Game

June 22, 2017


This is a video of Abhishek Singh demonstrating the recreation of Super Mario Bros level 1-1 he made to play with Microsoft's Hololens augmented reality headset. Overall it looks pretty promising, although I don't remember Mario being able to just walk around all those warp pipes. It also looks like a great way for everyone around you to think you're a crazy person. Or some cyborg from the future who just landed on earth and is trying to get their bearings.

Keep going for the video demonstration, which was the actual recorded gameplay from the Hololens.

Thanks to Marion O, who agrees augmented reality is better than actual reality because you can add things that aren't really there, like a bed instead of just a mattress on the floor.

  • palpable ovaltine

    Clever to have everything shrink when he got the mushroom.

  • Ry Keener

    That is the Mall in Central Park!

  • Jenness

    it's kind of ok but he had to shoot the angry mushroom heads like a jillion times and he still couldn't kill them and because you can't really climb anything - just think it's meh. Much better when they overlay over real objects so that you are aware of surroundings better and interact with real things than seeing things that aren't there like a crazy person

  • GeneralDisorder

    Someone had a stroke before creating this.

  • Meh

    Really? You other commentators; you like this? It looks like a 3d timewarp back to pong. This kind of real life gaming is age old and better worked out on games like battlefield.

  • dartanian300

    It's not that it's great for real gameplay, but more for the gimmick of it. The fact that the tracking works as well as it does is simply amazing.

  • Meh

    It doesn't even work that well, that's the reason it goes at like 50% normal speed.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Cheater!! There's no side-stepping in the game!


  • dartanian300

    That's amazing. I know he can't, but I kept expecting him to climb on the hills.

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