Guy Hacks Car With More Horn Options To Prevent Road Rage, Incite More Road Rage

June 15, 2017


Seen here proving its okay to shave the back of your hands if you want, this is a video of ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober detailing the new horn sounds he hacked into his car in an attempt to sound less aggressive when sending another motorist the message to stop texting and pay attention to the road. The three new horn buttons include a soft double beep that's quieter and less enraging than a standard horn blast, an R2-D2 chirp, and, when you really want to get somebody to get out of their car brandishing a weapon, a train/semi truck horn. Personally, I would just make the train horn my regular horn, but that's just not me and I'm not afraid of other motorists trying to road rage on me. You know why? "Because in your make-believe world you drive a monster truck." A monster truck with FLAMETHROWERS.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to RN, who's still a firm believer in the old 'lay on the horn and give them the finger' method of honking.

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