Guy Hacks Car With More Horn Options To Prevent Road Rage, Incite More Road Rage

June 15, 2017


Seen here proving its okay to shave the back of your hands if you want, this is a video of ex-NASA engineer Mark Rober detailing the new horn sounds he hacked into his car in an attempt to sound less aggressive when sending another motorist the message to stop texting and pay attention to the road. The three new horn buttons include a soft double beep that's quieter and less enraging than a standard horn blast, an R2-D2 chirp, and, when you really want to get somebody to get out of their car brandishing a weapon, a train/semi truck horn. Personally, I would just make the train horn my regular horn, but that's just not me and I'm not afraid of other motorists trying to road rage on me. You know why? "Because in your make-believe world you drive a monster truck." A monster truck with FLAMETHROWERS.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to RN, who's still a firm believer in the old 'lay on the horn and give them the finger' method of honking.

  • GeneralDisorder

    For $50 you can buy a programmable horn from just about any auto parts store. They come preloaded with 45 or so sounds.

    Also, I wanted an air raid siren attached to my pickup truck. It'd be fun knowing that if I press the button it takes about 10 seconds to spool up and make noise then take another ten minutes or so to spin down.

    They do make smaller automotive air raid sirens. But we then wouldn't be talking 160 dB with that crazy bass tone of a WW2 air raid siren.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Can't you just flash your brights like a normal person?

  • Captain Pete

    not when cops have forgotten that flashing hi beams is covered under the first amendment. I didn't feel like going back to NJ to fight that ticket for "improper use of highbeans" ( oh you mean advising people to slow down because you have laser radar set up over the hill isn't protected speak.)

  • sionus

    Flashing your high-beams is not a first amendment right...

  • Captain Pete

    U.S. District Judge Henry E. Autrey had issued a preliminary injunction
    in February prohibiting the town of Ellisville from prosecuting drivers
    who allegedly flashed their vehicles’ headlights to warn of radar and
    speed traps. The city didn’t appeal the decision.

    do your research

  • Kaye Ting

    I like how that kids reaction was "WTH MAN" when in reality, outside of the teenage mind, it's; pay the fuck attention you dumbass kid and cross the fucking street properly so you don get ran the fuck over.

  • Ollie Williams

    I just run them over. They have to learn sometime.

  • Kaye Ting

    If only it was that simple! I actually almost hit a cyclist once because he came darting through a cross walk in the middle of the night. he proceeded to yell at me like I was the idiot that was biking on the sidewalk at full speed. We proceeded to exchange words. He shut up really fast when I reminded him that it was actually illegal in the city of Chicago to be biking on the sidewalk when a bike lane is present, I even offered him my phone to call the police. Dude rode off murmuring profanities to himself. Some people are so fucking stupid, I swear!

  • Quax

    Dude, you're talking about a cyclist. They are the worst kind of people, period. It's especially their self righteousness which pisses me off, they crap on every rule possible and are the first to curse at you for doing a mistake (even though you did nothing wrong).

    So to all of you, if you are a cyclist like I just described, I really really really really hope you'll get hit by a car next time your driving.

  • Hugh Manatee

    I hate cyclists like that, because I'm a cyclists, and I'm nothing like that. I stake my claim to the lane, but if I can, I move over to allow cars to pass, as I'm (most of the time) going slower than they are. If I approach a red light, I stay in traffic - no scooting along side to get ahead of the cars. That's a dick a move.

    I will admit, if I'm riding and come to a stop sign, I slow down, and if there's no traffic, I don't make a complete stop. But only if I'm positive there's no traffic waiting or approaching.

    But cyclists who are dicks ruin it for people like me. Because then drivers learn to hate cyclists. And then those drivers see me, and want to teach me a lesson because the last guy was a jerk. So they purposefully drive as close as they can to me, or speed past me and blare their horn, when we're on a wide, empty road.

    So I think the real lesson is: don't be a dick. And don't treat others like they're a dick, unless they are.

  • Kaye Ting

    I am a cyclist myself. Biked around Chicago most of my life, I drive more often now as I do ride sharing. I take my experience as a cyclist and try to keep an eye out for cyclist as much as I can, I will actually try and protect a cyclist until they are able to turn off the next turn. This is of course within reason, I will not obstruct traffic or anything. but if I see a car behind me start trying to drive a cyclist off the road, I will slow down until they get their heads out of their ass, because they are actively trying to injure or kill a cyclist. that just not ok. But when I have a cyclist darting out from the sidewalk without stopping and throwing a fit like I was in the wrong, then i will call them out on it. A lot of time they will threaten to call the cops up until the point I show the the traffic law that it is illegal for them to be on the sidewalk

  • Meh

    So where's the "more roadrage"? I was looking forward to that.

  • Brent Turcotte

    you need to go to dubai, or any other india type country, they communicate by horns and there is like Morse code

  • Captain Pete

    When I was in india it was amazing to hear the three or four dozen honks the cab drivers used to communicate intentions, displeasure and most of all the guy peeing on their fender at a traffic jam.

    Oh yeah, no traffic signals in india ( power not reliable) everything and I mean everything is controlled by speedbumps ( and amazing number of those too!)

    Oh yeah, I'd buy the complete kit.....

  • Bling Nye

    Needs more vuvuzela.

  • James Mcelroy

    Sounds like GW wants to be Beef Supreme

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