Guy Builds A Doctor Who TARDIS Free Book Library

June 12, 2017


This is the TARDIS inspired Little Free Library built by Dan Zemke and his father and placed on the corner of Vermont Street and Warren West Avenue in their neighborhood of Detroit. The TARDIS ('Totally Awesome Reading Dispensary In Society') stands just under 10 feet tall, weighs over a ton and can hold over 140 books. For reference, I stand just over 6 feet tall, weigh a tenth of a ton, and can only hold four books, assuming I'm wearing my backpack. Without my backpack I'm not carrying any books, unless you're my crush and you asked me to walk you home from the school bus stop. But please, no more than three, I don't want to struggle carrying more and make you think I'm a weakling. I'm trying to impress.

Thanks to Martin, who agrees the best books are comic books because a lot of time you can figure out the story just by looking at the pictures and don't have to read.

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