Grumpy Florida Man Unplugs Bounce House, Trapping Kids Inside, Ruins Girl's Birthday

June 1, 2017


A grumpy Florida man (who's definitely no stranger to yelling at kids to get off his lawn) unplugged a neighbor's bounce house during a girl's birthday party, trapping several children inside, and ruining the party. Yeah, well at least people showed up for your party. Police now believe he was actually trying to unplug the DJ booth, but extension cords are tricky and you only get one shot at being a passive-aggressive a$$hole before people see you and start to suspect you're a free candy man.

Surveillance cameras on the house appear to show the grumpy neighbor pulling the plug and walking away. WPEC has reported that multiple children at the party sought medical attention after the incident.

Today reports that [the family] has hired a lawyer and that the grumpy old man is potentially facing trespassing charges.

Man, what a turd. If you have a problem with a neighbor you need to address it like a decent human being -- talking to them directly. Or, if they're my unruly neighbors, waiting till they go out of town on vacation then burning their house down. You don't ruin a child's birthday party because it's a little too loud to take a 5:30PM nap or hear the tee-offs for the tournament they're playing on the Golf Channel.

Keep going for the video, as well as a video edited into a movie trailer because that was bound to happen.

Thanks to Adrian, who agrees they key to breaking up an unruly party is yelling, "The cops are here!" Or at least that's always worked in my experience.

  • Darren McCoy

    I always thought it was the most FUN when the bouncy castle deflated. I used to jump on the towers at the corners and hold on for dear life. Great craic.

    Only in America would people be taking their kids to therapy because of this.

  • TheQiwiMan

    What a piece of shit human being.

  • Jenness

    What an intolerant jerk - if you didn't want neighbors than pay to live in the country and be terrified of strangers, snakes and alligators all the time. I don't know why but I just got reminded of this:

  • bluecheesedressing

    Agreed. Unfortunately, most of non-rural Florida is an experiment in how closely houses can be built together. They shoehorn them into 1/2 (if your lucky), 1/4 and 1/8 acre lots all the time.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Didn't some of the kids get injured because of this?

  • Bling Nye

    "The mother tells us that two kids were brought to the hospital, one for distress, the other to check for injuries after he had to be pulled out from under the heavy plastic." -
    "Some of the kids were crying. One of them actually was kind of traumatized by the incident. Another one when he was being removed, his leg got a little injured." -

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Ambulance chasers. This is why this country is going to the crapper. You don't get traumatized. You break an old jackass's window with a brick.

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