Goodbye, World: Prada Selling $185 Large Paper Clip Money Clip

June 29, 2017


This is the Prada Paperclip-Shaped Money Clip. It's exactly what it sounds like and costs $185. For reference, my wallet cost $30 and I've had it for eleven years without losing it. I didn't lose the one before that either, it just started to fall apart so I buried it in the backyard hoping to grow a money tree.

At $185, that's the equivalent of buying more than 13,000 regular paper clips from office depot.

As you might expect, social media is not impressed.

One person wrote on Twitter that for $185, the clip should be able to hold their life together.

If all it took was a $185 paperclip to hold my life together, believe me, I would own one. I'd probably own three or four so I could clip my life together real good. And maybe wrap a couple $140 rubber bands around it just to be sure. And -- what are these? Why they're $90 staples! Man, my life would be so held together you'd swear I was an adult who knew what he was doing.

Thanks to Dave L, who keeps all his money in wads in his pockets like a normal person who has no idea how much money they have at any given time.

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