'French Spiderman' Climbs Exterior Of 29-Story Hotel With No Safety Equipment

June 16, 2017


This is a harrowing first-person point of view video of 'French Spiderman" Alain Robert climbing the exterior of the 29-story (374 foot) Melia Barcelona Sky Hotel in Spain with no harness or safety equipment. It takes him about 20 minutes, or approximately 19 minutes 30 seconds longer than it would have taken me to fall and cripple myself for life. Apparently Alain was questioned by police after the feat, but was released without any charges being filed. Presumably because August 14th, 2016 was a Friday and they had zero interest in doing any more work than they had to before getting off. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I can't half respect that.

Keep going for the video while I talc my hands to dry off all the sweat.

Thanks to blue16, who's more concerned with finding ways not to die.

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