Foot-Tall Posable LEGO Minifigs Carved From Wood

June 27, 2017


These are the posable wooden LEGO minifigs crafted by Etsy shop MoreCowsThanPeople, which is exactly how cannibals hate their burgers. The not-so-minifigs each measure about a foot tall and are carved from solid maple or cherry. Unfortunately for someone like me who wants one, they cost $495 apiece, which is a little out of my wooden minifig budget right now. "How much do you have?" I'm watching the bank tow my car even as I type this. "So....nothing?" Less than nothing, I'm actually thinking about harvesting and selling my own organs. But not before I sell my roommate's first to make sure the buyer can be trusted. Is a kidney still worth something even if you accidentally poked a couple holes in it?

Keep going for more shots.







Thanks to Rob, who said he dreams of the day he has $500 to spend on wooden minifigs. Me? I dream of the day I can buy whatever I want at Taco Bell.

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