Finally, A Decent Underground Beer Bottle Cooler

June 7, 2017


This is the German Biersafe, an underground beer cooler that uses the earth's natural coolness to keep your beers from getting too warm. It's basically a dumbed down, commercial version of this homemade electric powered one we saw awhile ago. Somebody also made a commercial can version as well. The Biersafe comes in 8 and 16 bottle capacities ($70 and $120) and includes an integrated bottle opener. Unfortunately, you're still responsible for digging your own hole. "And laying in it?" Don't say smart stuff around me, it's only confusing. So -- who wants to come over for a hole-digging party? Anybody? There will be free beer....cans. "Wait -- empty cans?" I will let you take them to the recycling center to get the deposit back.

Keep going for a handful more shots and a video.






Thanks to Tommy T, who makes sure his beer is cool the old fashioned way: drinking it right in the grocery store.

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