Everybody Needs A Hobby: Intricately Carved Avocado Flesh

June 12, 2017


This is the avocado that 26-year old pro-carver Daniele Barresi of Bagnara Calabra, Italy intricately carved in less than an hour. That's a good thing too, because any longer and it probably would have started to brown -- and nobody like a brown avocado. Impressive work, Daniele, but I just wanted guac.

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Lisa, who's convinced this is why guac costs so much extra.

  • archer923

    HR Giger would be proud.

  • RBx

    Leaving the seed in the Avocado keeps it from browning, due to the gases the seed gives off. Make guacamole and put the seeds back into the dip to keep it from browning... you're welcome.

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    It will still brown if you make guac. You have to add lemon still because the overall area of the guac is greater than if it were still in avocado form, so the oxygen overpowers the little bit of help the seed adds

  • The_Wretched

    I like it. I could see it used in a demonic summing ritual too.

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  • Meh

    I must be pretty screwed up to see birth happening in that devil's advocado.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Dat crippling addiction to online pr0n'll getcha every time..


  • Big Dog on Krampus

    DO NOT search that hashtag on the online pron sites

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