Dumbass Burglar Breaks Into Completely Open Carport

June 22, 2017


Seen here proving that maybe casing a joint prior to trying to rob it might not be such a bad idea, this is a gif (after the jump, sorry I couldn't find a video) of some dumbass burglar who rips a window panel off of a completely open carport to try to get inside. He then disappears for a moment while his brain comprehends what a stupid idiot he is, then skulks off, but not before half-assedly trying the front doorknob again. Sure he's gotta know it's still going to be locked from when he tried it 30 seconds ago, but he does it anyway, almost as if to kick himself in the nuts one last time before leaving empty-handed.

Keep going for the whole gif.

Thanks to Batman, who put a Bat-Tracker on this guy just so he could see what kind of dumb shit he was up to whenever he gets bored.

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