Drone Gets Taken Out By Confetti Cannon At Music Festival

June 29, 2017

Note: Watch your volume.

This is a short video of a camera drone crashing at a music festival after getting hit by the blast of a confetti cannon. But does that stop the DJ from jumping up and down and waving his arms? No it does not. And what about the guy in the audience shaking the sex doll over his head -- does it stop him? Of course not, clearly that man came to party. The music could stop and everybody in the audience could leave and he'd still be standing there waving his plastic lover over his head like the aliens are here and he's begging to be a featured exhibit at their zoo.

Keep going for the video while I leave a Youtube comment ensuring the drone operator I could still tell that was going to be a super-sweet flyover.

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Thanks to Cyndi M, who was expecting someone to hit it with a cup or bottle. Same here.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    that musician is playing the jumping jacks to perfection

  • Conrado Parra

    those damn robots don't stand a chance!

  • Carl LeBlanc

    If the DJ was actually DJing, he wouldn't have time to jump around with his hands in the air. Plugging in a USB stick and hitting Play is not DJing.

  • Draco Basileus

    Seems safer than blowing it out of the sky with 12 gauge.

  • TheQiwiMan

    See, M. Night Shyamaladingdon? THIS is an Achilles Heel that makes sense, Mister 'Aliens that can't get wet invade a planet that's 70%+ covered by water'..

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    I was going to take you backstage, but those facial lacerations are a big turn off.

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