Don't Road Rage, A Public Service Announcement

June 23, 2017


This is a video of a motorcyclist and a motorist road raging out on each other in Santa Clarita, California. I'm not sure what sort of altercation they had prior to the video starting, but the motorcyclist kicks the car, then the car tries to cut him off and kill him (unsuccessfully), proceeds to crash into the dividing wall, then ricochet off and overturn an SUV. Nobody was seriously injured, and the motorcyclist did not wait around for the cops to arrive. Man, that person driving that SUV had nothing to do with these two road warriors and still ended up with their car on its roof. That ain't right. I don't understand how so many people are full of so much road rage but it's nearly impossible to find a demolition derby within 400 miles. Things are completely backwards. "Your ass is backwards." It's called a front-butt, and my personal trainer and I are working on it.

Keep going for the video, then listen to classical music on your way home.

Thanks to Luc and David D, who agree both of these guys have taken way too many of those over-the-counter boner pills.

  • curteyeblind

    Nice how the motorcycle feels he's somehow not responsible and decides to bolt. Both these people should share responsibility, probably the car driver more so since he was swerving into the bike's lane first.

  • econoking

    Dickhead motorcyclist just hit and run? Jerks

  • JJtoob

    Although I don't condone what the motorcyclist did, the sedan crossed the double yellow lines illegally into the HOV lane and cut off the rider in the process to boot. For those not in California, there are sections to enter and exit that lane, and it's a hefty fine crossing them in any other section. Then the car driver attempted to kill the rider using his vehicle. I'm not sure I would be so harsh on the rider for leaving what was 99% the car driver's fault.

  • Talon184

    What mod are they using to hide the HUD?

  • TheQiwiMan

    Shitty people usually just punish themselves. This is an example of people who are so shitty, their shittiness spreads to negatively affects the normals.


  • nyxzus

    That's what happens when the shit hits the fan.

  • GeneralDisorder

    Are you implying that driving a Chevy Avalanche is forgivable?

    Edit: I apologize. That's an Escalade EXT. Which... is way worse.

  • Rogelio Ariza Covarrubias

    Update: that guy on the bike was chuck norris, he just used 0.00000001% of it's power

  • GeneralDisorder

    Chuck Norris is so tough that he's been dead for 10 years and death is afraid to tell him.

    On a related note that's an extremely heavy motorcycle.

  • D3Fd0ck

    "(Very calmly) call 911..."

    Guessing hes seeing this type of shit happen way too frequently.

  • JJtoob

    If it's Southern California, I'd say it's par for the course.

  • Jeedai Infidel

    Right? It had a "Oh, this again" vibe to it.

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    Everyone gets pissy on their way to palmdale.

  • I was gonna say... this says santa clarita but that is definitely the 14. Shout out to AV!

  • Titty McNipplefondler

    Yeah they are in Santa Clarita, at the time of my writing I assumed they were driving towards Palmdale. Upon further review and a in-depth google maps analysis they are in fact heading towards the 5. I will now presume that they were driving from palmdale while listening to Afroman.

  • Bling Nye

    ...sounds like a euphemism for masturbation.

    "Aunt Flo is in town for a few days, so I'm heading to Palmdale."

  • Perpetual Pizza

    I liked the GTA gameplay.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    i thought i was watching Sons of Anarchy

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