Dear God: Backyard Wrestler Grabs Opponent, Jumps Off Roof Into The Flaming Back Of A Truck

June 15, 2017

Because rednecks demand quality entertainment, this is a video of some backyard wrestlers doing battle on top of a roof (technically not in a backyard but whatever). Eventually, the portly Nacho Man Handy Savage picks his opponent up by the crotch and jumps off the roof in the burning bed of a pickup truck. Per the guy filming when he turns the camera around on himself:

"I just saw somebody die."

While that is technically accurate, I'm pretty sure you just saw two people die. Also, I like how the whole crowd starts chanting, "Hol-y shit! Hol-y shit!" That's how you know you're at a quality backyard wrestling match and risking that second parole violation was worth it.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Zootghost, who promised to invite me to the next one of these, which I wouldn't miss for the world.

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