Dare To Dream: Man Jumps Flowerbed In Golf Cart

June 13, 2017


After clearly taking a page from the Jackass playbook, this is a video of some guy jumping a flowerbed in a golf cart, presumably in an attempt to get his membership to the country club revoked because he's too embarrassed to admit he can't afford the dues anymore after buying a really bitchin' truck.

After a few beers he was dared to jump the flower bed with his golf cart. We opened up the governor to increase the speed. Great time

Ah yes, "after a few beers he was dared..." That's how almost all my best stories start. Also, they should have installed some shocks on that cart because that landing was just like the area around the fairway. "Rough?" Exactly. Now, dare me to do something wild. "Have you been drinking?" Come on, I want this to be a story you can tell my children when they wanna know what their papa was like.

Keep going for six seconds of glory, one second of crash and burn.

Thanks to Alex, who agrees you ain't shit until you jump a water hazard and stick the landing.

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