Battle Simulation Of 20 T-Rexes Vs 10,000 Chickens

June 2, 2017


This is a video Youtuber Lazy Game Reviews created using Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator to pit 20 t-rexes against 10,000 chickens. Who wins? SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER: the chickens, with a large portion of the poultry army still standing. Obviously, that is not a very good simulation because there is no way those chickens would have won in real life, and I plan on proving it just as soon as I can build a time machine big enough to fit 10,000 chickens. "Or 20 t-rexes." I love your brain, you're so smart.

Keep going for the simulation.

Thanks to James, who agrees there's no way those chickens could have inflicted enough damage to bring down a t-rex before being stomped on.

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