Balloon Art: Walking Dead's Daryl Dixon On Motorcycle Being Attacked By Zombies

June 22, 2017


Note: Larger version HERE in case you want to try focusing your eyes like a laser beam and pop some zombie heads.

This is the life size Daryl Dixon on motorcycle surrounded by zombies balloon art twisted up by Phileas Flash (previously: his balloon art of iconic comic book covers). That Phileas sure can twist a balloon. Me? I'm only good at twisting people's arms. Like that time I asked you to drive me to a Redbox but you were being stubborn. I finally convinced you though, didn't I? "You stole my car and crashed it into a post office." I saw a box, I got excited. "It was blue." I'm colorblind.

Keep going for a shot of Negan with Lucille (his barbed wire bat) that Phileas also made.


Thanks to Tank, who rolls over zombies with ease. Tricycle? He didn't last a day.

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