A Milan, Italy Hotel With $224,000 24 Carat Gold Bed Sheets

June 16, 2017


The TownHouse Galleria Milano is offering guests the opportunity to stay overnight in their Seven Stars Ottagono Presidential Suite in a bed covered with 24 carat gold sheets. For reference, that is 24 more carats than my bedsheets, which I'm fairly certain are made out of asbestos. At least they won't melt to me in a fire and make me look like one of Goldfinger's victims.

The extravagance includes one bottom sheet, four pillowcases, and one duvet cover with guaranteed authenticity. Those Gold Sheets powerfully represent vitality, courage, and willpower, and most of all, they magnify positive feelings. Apart from being a symbol of wealth and royalty, it also stimulates wisdom and desire for knowledge.

Really, so these sheets allegedly "stimulate wisdom and desire for knowledge?" That sounds pretty far fetched to me. Also they "magnify positive feelings?" I'm sorry, but if I have the money to stay in a presidential suite with $224,000 bed sheets, my positive feelings are already at max. Asking for any more would just be greedy. So...how much do you think it costs to stay here a night? I'm asking for a friend who hopes it's less than the $224,000 bed sheets he's going to steal.

Thanks to Gary, who refuses to sleep anywhere without diamond bedsheets.

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