A Flat Folded Paper Sculpture That Explodes Into A Penguin When Dropped

June 13, 2017

This are a couple video demonstrations of a Penguin Bomb, an paper sculpture created by famed paper artist Haruki Nakamura. It explodes from a flat shape into a penguin when dropped on a hard surface. Pretty clever. And by pretty clever I mean very clever. And by very clever I mean how do people come up with this stuff? I don't even understand how popcorn bags work. "You're supposed to put them in the microwave." I did! "Then push the buttons." Defrost? This is why I wish my mom had a stay-at-home job.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Linby, who agrees they'd be even cooler if they exploded into a 10-piece bucket of fried chicken.

  • Enkidu98

    That might be paper art but its not Origami.

  • TalonDesigns

    I believe the term you are looking for is "kirigami".

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