You've Got To Be Kidding Me: $1,425 Pre-Destroyed Hightop Sneakers

May 5, 2017


Hot on the broken heels of those $425 fake mud jeans, these are the $1,425 'Future Destroyed High-Top Sneakers' designed by French luxury fashion house Maison Margiela and available from Neiman Marcus. They look like a pair of shoes a dog ate, then somebody with poor motor skills tried to repair with a stapler. Apparently that's a $1,425 look. Personally, I like looking like a million bucks, but that's just me and I dress to impress. "Isn't that the same shirt you wore yesterday?" Of course not. "Yes it is, I recognize the stains." What if I told you I paid a million dollars for these stains? "I'd remind you I saw you drop that $2 hotdog on yourself yesterday at lunch." For the record though that hotdog did taste like a million bucks.

Keep going for two more shots to fuel your outrage.



Thanks to Alyssa, who's inspired me to start my own shoe-distressing-by-mail business. "You're just going to give them to your dog for a day then send them back?" Sure, if there's anything left.

  • Moshugaani

    Do people really change their top shirt every day?

  • palpable ovaltine
  • David Gabel

    These will go great with those $200 'muddy' jeans shown on this site a while back. Now all that is missing is the torn and nasty tshirt to complete the rich homeless look.

  • PUNX

    i wonder how much the rich will offer up for my lawn mowin' shoes. They can wear with their mud stained pans and almost completed a look

  • TheQiwiMan

    LOL!!! And here the 4Chan /pol/-ers think they are so clever with their trolling, (which, okay, is pretty brilliant) - this is further proof that the fashion industry has perfected the art of trolling rich people WAY before these weaponized autists were even born! :-D

  • Jenness

    There is "Stupid Rich" and then there is this. This is fucking moron, Beverly Hillbillies would judge you harshly as bourgeois scum, get punched in the face for being a dillweed by other billionaires if you are asinine enough to waste 1 penny on this.

  • aldenscott

    Justin Bieber has probably bought at least 5 pairs.

  • Bling Nye

    Mugatu's Derelicte... so hot right now.

  • Andrew Newton

    shits on fyre island.

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    reminds me of Jumanji

  • WhiteEagle2

    Came here to comment this.

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