Yeah You Did: Star Wars Clips Edited For The Cast To Sing Smash Mouth's 'All Star'

May 4, 2017


To celebrate Star Wars Day, this is a video created by the folks at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon featuring Star Wars clips that have been edited together so everybody sings Smash Mouth's 1999 hit 'All Star'. It is every bit as amazing and awful as it sounds. I just watched it twice and now I'm convinced I should frost the tips of my hair, get my eyebrow re-pierced and wear a puka shell necklace to resurrect 1999 me. "Don't do it." But he was a good kid! "He was a monster." He had a bright future ahead of him! "And look what happened." He never stood a chance.

Keep going for the video while I imagine whose job it was to sit in a dark editing bay for ten nights straight trying to crank this video out.

Thanks to Marcus O, who agrees Al Gore is probably patting himself on the back right now, happy to see the internet he invented has realized its full potential.

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