What A Time To Be Alive: Guy Playing Bass Guitar With A Fidget Spinner

May 11, 2017


Seen here answering the question nobody bothered to ask (Can you play guitar with a fidget spinner?), this is a video of Youtuber and musician Davie504 strumming the bass with one of those new-fangled spinny toys. Does anybody here own one of those? Do they really help you concentrate and relieve anxiety? Should I get one? Should I get two? Should I get a hundred and reinvent myself as Fidget Spinnerman? Can they be modded into sex toys? "They sure can -- take these chopsticks." Okay, now what? "Poke your eyes out with them." Dammit MacGyver, you turd.

Keep going for the video while I search Bed Bath & Beyond's online store for those throw pillows.

Thanks to DanTheMan, who concentrates the old fashioned way: rubbing his temples and yelling, "Everybody shut up, I'm trying to concentrate over here!"

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