Ultra-Slow Motion Footage Of A Guy Diving Onto A Trampoline Covered With 1,000 Mouse Traps

May 10, 2017


This is a video from the Slow-Mo Guys of one of them diving off a ladder onto a trampoline covered in 1,000 mousetraps, filmed in ultra-slow motion (previously: them mouse trapping a tongue in slow motion). I learned a lot by watching it. Mostly, that there is absolutely no reason for this video should be over six minutes long. I mean, the slow motion wasn't THAT slow. Is Youtube paying content creators by the minute now?

Keep going for the video, but skip to 1:35 or 4:00 for the action.

Thanks to Dub, who was hoping for much more mouse trap inflicted pain. Same here.

  • GW is doing the lords work by giving us the jump points.

    The padding of videos to make everything 6-8 minutes longer than it should is killing any lingering interest I had in youtube. I don't understand, but if they are being paid by the minute I would not be surprised. Things like "iPhone9 Prototype! Will it blend?" or some other dumb clickbait title that leads you to a 12 minute video that could be summed up in a single sentence make youtube a saturated cesspool of nothing.

    There is no such thing as YouTube famous... there is fame... and there is youtube. They are both meaningless... but one is meaningless and pathetic. And to be clear... no one wants to "like and subscribe" to your time wasting bullshit.

    #GiveUp #GetOffMyLawn #JustOldManThings

  • kodama

    Apparently Youtube recommendation algorithms favor longer videos (specifically closer to 10 minutes, I think), or something like that. Same with likes. And subscriptions also obviously help get more views. It's a business, and people will act according to the incentives in place.

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