The United States Of Sadness: Each State's Most Frequently Googled 'How To Spell' Word

May 31, 2017


Note: Larger version HERE.

In honor of the Scripps National Spelling Bee, this is a map created by Google Trends highlighting the most commonly searched 'How To Spell XXXXX Word' for each state. Honestly, I can't spell any of those without spell-check. Especially not diarrhea and I've probably tried typing it at least a thousand times. Sometimes I spell it so awfully that spell-check doesn't even give me any suggestions and I just let it go and now my doctor thinks I have something he's never even heard of before.

Thanks to Alpha Centurion, who I'm pretty sure is either a star or superhero.

  • Melissa Jasper

    Considering the complex spelling of many towns in Wisconsin, I HIGHLY suspect this is BS.

  • da1nonlysage

    West Virginia and Connecticut are serious fans of Mary Poppins.

    Also, "beautiful," NY? Jim Carrey taught me how to spell that, and he dropped out of high school!

  • Jenness

    I'm so glad Texas isn't a 1-5 letter state - BOOYAH!

    However, that's a lot of people needing to know how to spell diarrhea. Crosses "New Hampshire" off the "States To Visit" list.

  • qcp

    New Hampshire knows what's up.

  • Doog

    Wow, Hawaii went from Boutineer to People in like 5 months. What even happened there?

    Oh also, apparently no one in Illinois has figured out how to spell appreciate. Even I had to use spellcheck just now...

  • Munihausen

    Misleading headline. Indeed, the word most-often misspelled would be one for which people are not googling how to spell it. Not sure what the problem "beautiful" is.

  • Livingtool

    What is the deal with Wisconsin?

  • Big Dog on Krampus

    nothing wrong with Wisconsun. why?

  • antalicus

    That they don't know how to spell their own state's name...

  • infi_nitive

    Hawaii isn't setting the bar too high, are they?

  • The_Wretched

    FL should worry more about how to spell statute. They tend to drop that 3rd T more than other places.

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