The Future Nears: Man Creates Holographic Microsoft Cortana Personal Assistant

May 12, 2017


THis is the holographic Windows 10 Cortana personal assistant that software engineer Jarem Archer developed, using the likeness of the same-named Cortana artificial intelligence construct from the Halo franchise as the embodiment of the assistant. It is most impressive. Still, I don't like the idea of these always-listening personal assistant devices because I say a lot of shit that doesn't need to be heard. Mostly where I buried all my money. "You didn't, you hid it at the bottom of your underwear drawer." How did you know?! "You talk in your sleep whenever you pass out in a bathroom stall on your lunch break." Curses! Note to self: start taking your siesta in your car.

Keep going for the impressive video demonstration.

Thanks to Alan, who's curious to see if the future really gets here before we destroy the planet.

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