Sure, Why Not?: Perforated Cityscape Roll-Up Blinds

May 2, 2017


These are the perforated cityscape roll-up window blinds created by Ukraine based HoleRoll (website currently down for some reason, presumably due to a Russian hack-attack. UPDATE: back up again. UPDATE UPDATE: down again, the Russians must really hate novelty window treatments). They look like nighttime cityscapes when rolled down, look like whatever the hell is outside your window when rolled up (for me, usually somebody urinating in the alley), and prices start at around $152 per shade. Alternatively, buy some black roll-up shades and cut them yourself. Get creative! But not too creative. Actually don't get creative at all, just cut a bunch of little penises like I just did and call it a day. Your significant other will love it! "I hate it." Never mind! I guess l'll thumbtack the bath towels back up.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the shades in various states of rolled down-ness.




Thanks to Abbey J, who agrees the best window shades are the bitchin' tapestries I used in college.

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