Somebody Called The Police On A Cat In A Tree 'Armed With An Assault Rifle'

May 11, 2017


Because people will literally call the police for anything (it's 9AM and McDonald's wont cook McNuggets!) , somebody in Newport, Oregon, allegedly (although I have my doubts) called 911 on an "armed cat" in a tree. No word if the caller was arrested for distracting police and wasting resources while I robbed a bank on the other side of town. Wait, what?

"Reports of an armed cat this morning were unfounded," police said. "The feline was contacted by our canine and was determined to be in possession of a non-lethal branch."

The officers ended the tongue-in-cheek post by stating the cat had been apprehended and charged with several offenses.

"The cat was given a verbal warning for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle while wearing poor camouflage attire," police said.

Could you imagine if cats really could wield firearms? Humans would have gone extinct a long time ago. *me, bleeding to death on kitchen floor after trying to touch cat* I'm sorry...I just wanted me to pet you.

UPDATE: Cops lied, found picture online and posted to Facebook with false information. Smart thinking.

Thanks to Simon W, who's convinced you're supposed to call 411 instead of 911 and probably wouldn't survive in an emergency.

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