Russian Newscaster Shocked By Big Dog Who Appears From Under Her News Desk

May 23, 2017


This is a short video from Russian news channel Mir24 of a newscaster who's shocked to see a big black dog suddenly appear from under the news desk and jump up to videobomb her newscast. Apparently after petting the dog she tells viewers that she's "Actually a cat person," which is the last thing a surprise dog wants to hear and she's lucky it didn't bite her. Personally, I would have pretended he was the new weatherdog, but that's just me and I'm great at playing things off like they're nothing out of the ordinary. I bet you couldn't even tell I wrote this article on fire.

Keep going for the video. Hi I'm dog with the sports I love balls.

Thanks to Lydia, who's convinced the dog was just there to deliver a low-altitude weather report or treat review.

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