Real Things That Exist: Tag Championships

May 4, 2017

This is a video of some evasion highlights from the World Tag Championship, the extreme sport of adults playing tag. Basically, competitors take turns chasing each other around an adult version of a jungle gym for twenty seconds at a time. It looks like previous parkour experience would be a plus. It looks like previous debilitating hip and leg injuries would be a minus. Me? I have weak ankles from constantly rolling them my whole life, so this probably isn't for me. That, and, you know, running for my life is something I only like to do when I'm ACTUALLY running for my life -- usually from an angry, pitchfork-carrying mob. "What did you do this time?" They're saying I cursed their village! "Why?" Because I cursed their village.

Keep going for the exhilarating video, as well as a promo for this year's championship.

Thanks to Carmen, who agrees way more of those obstacles should be on fire.

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